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ISSR - International Society for Science & Religion


Established in 2002, the ISSR pursues the promotion of education through interdisciplinary learning and research in the field of science and religion conducted in an international and multi-faith context.

Members of the Society examine the relationship between science and religion from the perspective of many different disciplines; membership includes scientists, theologians, historians, philosophers and others. The ISSR activities include conferences (most of which are open to the public), and various other research and dissemination projects.

Board of Directors

Michael J. Reiss (President), Denis Alexander (Emeritus Director); Paul Allen (Theological Studies Honours & Undergraduates Programmes Advisor); Munawar Anees (Founding Director); Harris Wiseman (Administrator); Fraser Watts (Executive Secretary).

International Society for Science & Religion
19 Grantchester Road
Cambridge, CB3 9ED
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 7471 773152
Services and Resources

In the "Projects" section, we found a description of the past educational and research projects and of the ongoing ones, including: "The New Biology. Implications for Philosophy, Theology & Education."

The "Events" section contains information on upcoming and past Conferences.

Particularly accurate is the "News" area, which includes, among others, two subsections: News on Science & Religion and ISSR statements; the latter contains essays and articles on various topics of interest.

Religious Confession

Multi Confessional

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