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Giuseppe Mercalli was born in Milan. A diocesan priest, he was a student of Antonio Stoppani. He studied the natural sciences and became first a seismologist and then a geologist. He drew the first seismic map of the Italian territory. We are indebted to him for the empirical scale that measures the damage caused by earthquakes, originally divided into 10 levels (with the 10th level corresponding to a catastrophic shock), to which was added an 11th level after the Messina earthquake, along with a 12th level.

Interdisciplinary Encyclopedia of Religion and Science

The Encyclopedia, published by the Centro di Documentazione Interdisciplinare di Scienza e Fede operating at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome, provides new, scholarly articles in the rapidly growing international field of Religion and Science (ISSN: 2037-2329).

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In order to make some relevant documents better known in the scientific community, the section provides key materials for study and reflection concerning the dialogue among science, philosophy, and theology.

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We offer here a selection of Comments and Documents on special issues on Religion and Science, collected for anniversaries and/or for the relevance of the topics.