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Pope John Paul II spoke to the academic community at the Ca’ Foscari University in Venice, affirming: “The Church has a pastoral interest in the double purpose to which a university is called: the purpose of scientific research, through which the cultural patrimony of society is developed; and the purpose of teaching, through which the richness of the culture is diffused and becomes a determining element in the full formation of new persons. It becomes clear, then, that culture is directed toward man who, in the visible world, is the only true subject of culture, and not its object or its end.”

On the way to the Moon: memories and documents 50 years later

The Descent of Man on the Moon: Some Historical Images

D. F. Noble, The Ascent of the Saints: Space Exploration (1997)

Von Braun said: "Human space travel is God's will", from an interview by Oriana Fallaci (1965)

Paul VI, General Audience, 23 July 1969

Paul VI, Message delivered to the Astronauts of Apollo 11, July 1969

Jacques Arnould, Astronautics, from INTERS Encyclopedia


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