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the astronomer and geographer Giovanni Battista Riccioli died in Bologna. Born in Ferrara on April 17, 1598, at sixteen years of age he entered the Jesuit order. He taught literature, philosophy and theology, first in Parma and then Bologna. Considered one of the primary astronomers of the 17th century, he wrote the important work Geographia et Hydrographia reformata (1661) in twelve books. He introduced much of the nomenclature of lunar formations that is still used today.


in the Wednesday General Audience on the topic of “Divine Providence and the Growth of the Kingdom of God,” Pope John Paul II affirmed: “We can say that, if the growth of God's kingdom is not identified with the evolution of the world, it is nonetheless true that the kingdom of God is in the world, and first of all in man, who lives and works in the world. The Christian knows that with his commitment to the progress of history, and with the help of God's grace, he cooperates in the growth of the kingdom, toward the historical and eschatological fulfillment of the plan of divine Providence.”


400 years from the Discovery of Kepler's Third Law

Kepler's Third Law and the "Harmonices Mundi" by Alessandro Giostra (2018)

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