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Instructions for the Authors

  1. Word users authors are required to refer to the Word template (WordTemplate) for choosing character types, format, dimension (Font Times new roman, 12pt for normal text, 18pt for section titles, 14pt for subsection titles, 12pf for subsubsection titles).
  2. LaTeX users are required to refer to the LaTeX template (LatexTemplateLaTeXTemplate.pdf). Possibly do not introduce user defined macros if not essential. Prefer the default macros.
  3. Papers should be registered as “preprints” into an INTERS database.
    The DOI system in use for all the INTERS Encyclopedia entries will be adopted in order to attribute to the contributions a scientific dignity level internationally recognized. 
  4. Papers may be published also on academic journals which allow preprints on a public database (not all journals allow), provided that the INTERS  and ADSIR School membership of the authors and links are mentioned in the front page.